Our Industrial Projects

  • Cal Sierra Disposal
    Year Completed: 2000
    This 16,200 sq. ft materials recovery facility is the first of it’s kind in the Sierra foothills. The state-of-the-art facility is a result of California’s new mandated recycling policy, and is designed to process 100% of the county’s solid waste stream. The building design required working with the owners to develop flow patters for processing materials. After recovery, recyclables are compacted, baled, and shipped for reprocessing. The balance of the waste stream is compacted into bales and shipped to a disposal site. Our services included conceptual design and site analysis, site development permit application, design review process, on and off site design, building design, and project construction.


  • MRL Industries
    Year Completed: 2002
    MRL manufactures high-tech ovens used in manufacturing computer memory chips. As a result of their rapid growth they required a new 60,000 square foot facility, including a specialized area for welding, painting, metal fabrication, fiber molding, office areas and a “cleanroom.” Overhead equipment was needed in several areas and required integration with air circulation and exhaust venting equipment.The site was designed to accommodate an expansion of an additional 100,000 sq. ft. of building area.


  • Kinematic
    Year Completed: 1998
    This 12,000 sq. ft. pre-engineered metal building houses assembly and machine shop operations for a high-tech machinery manufacturer. The building envelope is heavily insulated and has a specialized HVAC system. Cooling is done with a split system HVAC unit. Winter heating is provided by a hydronic heating system contained in the slab floor. The 4.6 acre site has been master planned for future development of a 24,000 sq. ft. Building.A design/build project, AED, Inc., provided all design and technical services, public agency coordination, and construction.