Our Design-Build Process

Our Design-Build corporation is led by our architects according to the time honored approach of the Master Builder, where a single source has absolute accountability for both design and construction.

    We outline the scope of the project, review the construction site, and prepare a program containing all aspects of the project. We discuss and review a preliminary budget to determine its compatibility with the scope of the work.We prepare conceptual and schematic designs and review them with the client according to the initial program requirements. When the project design is worked out, we prepare a Design Phase Estimate based on the quantity and quality of the materials being proposed. This estimate brings the scope of the project in line with the project financing. When this is complete, the client signs off on the drawings and estimates, and we begin Part II.
    This phase includes the entitlement process and the construction phase. Depending upon the entitlements necessary, we complete the construction documents (CDs) and engineering, and submit them to the appropriate permitting agencies for approval. A simple residence may only require a building permit, but more complex projects may require zoning changes, State and Federal permits for grading and drainage work, or alterations of natural habitats–such as drainage courses and the like. We prepare timelines for the project, and complete the items with long lead times first, to avoid project delays.When we complete the drawings and submit them for agency approval, we prepare a Schedule of Values that becomes a firm price for construction. Project costs are assembled from subcontractors’ bids and reviewed with the client for approval. The approved Schedule of Values becomes the financial basis for completing the project.
  •  Once permits are issued, AED Construction carries out construction according to the project timeline and the approved Schedule of Values.Changes and additions always seem to occur during construction. We monitor all changes closely, and adjust the project timeline and costs as the project moves forward. Working as a team, the Architect ( COOPER KESSEL & Associates) reviews design changes and the Contractor ( AED Construction) performs the value engineering. The client makes the final decisions based on the cost-benefits of the proposed design changes.This is done seamlessly in our Design-Build process, the Master Builder method of project delivery.