Design-Build Advantages

design-build-advantagesIntegrated Product Delivery

Our sustainable Design-Build provides an opportunity to maximize a project’s sustainable aspects and costs. The bottom-line benefits of this are: financial outcome, environmental integrity, and social performance.

Single Source of Contact

The single-source contractual relationship between the owner and our Design-Build team aids in achieving project goals (including sustainable goals), because all needed expertise is at hand for the owner. The owner doesn’t need to concern himself with researching, hiring and organizing multiple companies to build the project. Our Design-Build team works together to maximize schedule and cost.


All shareholders collaborate, so the whole team works together to produce a positive outcome.

The Team Spirit

The designer and contractor, working together, can plan up front to reduce construction waste management, indoor and outdoor environmental quality, and energy efficiency.

Cost Reduction

Because energy costs are skyrocketing and material costs are escalating, our sustainable Design-Build provides an attractive alternative for green project procurement. Our sustainable Design-Build procurement can facilitate a better informative life cycle cost analysis and a willingness to consider alternative technologies.

Project Lifespan

Our sustainable Design-Build guarantees our buildings will continue to perform well past the end of construction.

Lower Energy Bills

Our sustainable Design-Build ensures a reduction in operation and maintenance costs over the project’s lifetime.

The Owner can Work Smarter

Together, the owner and the Design-Build team can make a priority list of sustainable goals. This collaboration helps the owner to make informed decisions about the project.

Lower Construction Costs

Our integrated service team knows that time is money. The team can collaborate to create shorter schedules and thereby cut overhead and operating expenses.