About Us

Our Design-Build Team

We specialize in a unique design-build project delivery system. Unlike many design-build firms that are structured as a construction company with architects on staff, or who subcontract with an architectural firm to provide design services, Alternative Energy Designs, Inc., provides architectural design and engineering services, and guides the project through the construction process to completion.

While COOPER KESSEL Architect & Associates designs projects for a wide variety of clientele, design-build projects are constructed by AED Construction exclusively. The construction company has developed specific systems and trained employees who specialize in construction projects that utilize sustainable approaches both in the construction process and the end product. We are an architect-led design-build firm, a single source for delivery of sustainably designed projects. Our firm has two divisions:

COOPER KESSEL Architect & Associates

Our architects design sustainable projects, incorporating 30 years of experience in solar home design into our inSOLAR System ™, a set of sustainable design methods, including solar thermal heating, earth-coupled cooling, hydronic radiant flooring, solar electricity, water treatment, and site design. We also specialize in high-altitude design, properly aligning homes on hilly, rocky land for the best stability, beauty, and passive solar exposure.

AED Construction

Our construction team specializes in solar homes, always researching and looking to the future to provide cutting-edge solar construction. We provide value engineering, evaluating project parameters and determining the most efficient methods to deliver and meet the client’s budget. We also estimate, schedule and construct the project, aligning ourselves with other construction professionals if needed.